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One with Nature

Flourish through menopausal

How to regain your zest for life

3 month coaching programme

Get back into the driving seat

It may feel like your hormones have taken complete control over you and you're just clinging on for dear life wondering what the hell is happening to you and your body.This is where "Flourish through menopausal transition comes in"!

Nature Walk

This 3 month coaching programme can help you take back control of your health and your body

At the moment you might feel like this:

  • every morning you have to drag yourself out of bed and you struggle to get through the day as you have no energy

  • you wake up every night and you struggle to get back to sleep

  • you have seen a doctor to make sure there's nothing wrong with you and the tests say all is ok and you were sent away being told that "you're just tired"

  • you're suddenly piling on all this weight and you know your eating habits haven't changed

  • you struggle to exercise as you feel too exhausted and too stressed

  • you're brain feels foggy

  • You feel anxious, your mood is low and you get easily irritated

But what if......Let's put some zest back in your life

  • you could feel healthy and full of vitality again

  • you had a better understanding of what's happening in your body and embrace it

  • you could get back into good shape and feel confident being in the driving seat again

  • you could sleep better and feel less stressed

  • you could love putting your health and wellbeing first and learn how to nourish your body


This is for you if

  • you're fed up with feeling like your hormones are controlling you

  • you are ready to put yourself and your health first

  • you are ready to learn how to take charge of your health and regain control


This is not for you if

  • you feel like you don't have time for any changes

  • you want someone to tell you what to do

  •  you want a quick fix. You will need to do the work of putting changes into your life


Image by Alison Marras

How does the programme work

  • Initial session (90 minutes)

  • 5 follow up sessions every two weeks (45-60 minutes long)

  • Coaching plan after each session

  • Check-in email support one week after each session for any queries or problems

  • Resources for additional support if appropriate and needed


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