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Stressed woman meditating with help of Health Coach

“When women take care of their health, they become their own best friend”. Maya Angelou

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Take charge of your own health for a better mid-life and beyond

You deserve to go through the mid-life transition with ease and confidence.

Do you feel like your body is suddenly changing, and how you lived your life before is no longer working?


You probably want to:

  • understand what's happening during the perimenopausal stage

  • feel understood, validated and empathized with as you navigate the challenges that can be associated with perimenopause

  • have guidance on lifestyle changes that can help with symptoms you may experience during this time

I work with clients to help them navigate this period of their life.

Take charge of your mid-life transition

Feel empowered as you learn how to choose the right lifestyle changes for you and your life.

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Let's look at how we can improve your sleep so you feel refreshed when you wake.

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Build movement into your life that works for you.

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We can look at areas of your life where you feel under stress and look at ways of alleviating it.

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We can explore together what good nutrition looks like to suit your needs.

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Evaluate situational elements, such as social connections, toxins, engagement with nature.

Focus and nurture yourself after years of caring for others

Traditional Chinese Medicine refers to menopause as the "second spring". It sees this life stage as a new opportunity for women to focus and nurture themselves after years of caring for others. This is a beautiful way of seeing it!

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Hi, I'm Irina, nurse and health coach



I'm on a mission to help mid-life women have a smoother transition to menopause by uncovering the lifestyle that either undermines or supports their health from within.

So many women are suffering during the menopause transition and they feel confused trying to understand what's happening to them and their body. They desperately seek out help from their GP and the answer is usually HRT or they are told for example that "it's just normal tiredness" though they know that this exhaustion is not normal for them. 

I believe that women need to be heard and understood through this very special time in their life. I also believe that the right lifestyle changes can not only help with symptoms experienced during the transition, but it can also help set us up for healthier ageing.

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